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Discover top-performing stocks effortlessly with Stocksift. Our platform simplifies stock screening, providing retail stock traders and investors with powerful stock analysis tools — all in one convenient place.

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Simplifying Analytical Trading with Stocksift.

Stocksift simplifies the four essential components of analytical trading for retail traders and investors: technical, fundamental, sentiment, and probability analysis.

Technical Analysis

We make technical analysis easier by helping you quickly find trade setups with our stock screener. You can add technical indicators and automatically spot candlestick patterns on our stock charts.

Simplify technical analysis

Fundamental Analysis

We use AI to simplify fundamental analysis by identifying trends in financial statements. Plus, you can chart key financial metrics directly from balance sheets, income, and cash flow statements.

Simplify fundamental analysis

Sentiment Analysis

We optimize sentiment analysis by aggregating news feeds for stocks from reliable sources and providing both an overall sentiment score and individual bullish and bearish scores for each article.

Simplify sentiment analysis

Probability Analysis

We simplify probability analysis with our candlestick probability tables, which provide the odds of winning and losing for 360+ candlestick patterns. Plus, backtest your trading systems for profitability odds.

Simplify probability analysis
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Simply Powerful, and Intuitive Stock Trading Tools.

Stocksift provides everything a trader needs to level up their stock trading skills.

Stock Screener

Find top stocks to trade. Screen over 9,500+ stocks using a practically infinite number of filter combinations.

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Stock Market Game

Practice paper trading stocks in our stock market simulator game, use real stock price data, and track your skill progression.

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Stock Charts

Use our stock charts to automatically identify candlestick patterns and graph technical indicators.

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A private community of stock traders and investors. Join an exclusive group dedicated to finding top stocks.

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Create custom lists of stocks to watch, benchmark performance, and use our free diversification analysis tool.

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Watchlist Alerts

Automate with server-side alerts. Monitor your entry or exit criteria for a stock and receive email notifications.

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Forward Testing

Forward test trading systems. Automate paper trading a strategy against current data before trading it for real.

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News Feed Sentiment

News feeds for thousands of stocks. Get sentiment analysis scores next to each article and overall sentiment scores.

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AI Financial Analyst

Use AI to analyze financial statements. Leverage ChatGPT to quickly analyze financial data and get key findings.

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AI Stock Trader

AI-generated stock trade setups. Get email alerts for stock trades our AI picks and track it's performance.

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Candlestick Probability

Candlestick pattern probability analysis. View the historical win rate probabilities for 360+ candlestick patterns per stock.

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Test trading systems for profitability. Backtest a strategy against historical data before trading it in the stock market.

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Level up your stock trading skills

Find Top Stocks with our Stock Screener.

We've made stock screening easy by developing over 2,000+ stock screener filters, so finding the top stocks to trade is simple. Use our stock screener to quickly scan 9,500+ stocks by filters and rules that meet your trading system's search criteria.

Stocksift stock screener
    350+ Candlestick Pattern Filters
  • Candlestick pattern analysis is used by traders to predict future price direction. Enter or exit with 350+ Japanese candlestick pattern filters, ranging from single-line-candle to five-line-candle patterns.

    Normally, you want to enter a trade after a signal is confirmed, to prevent trading false signals. So we do that for you, with our Confirmation and Fakey candlestick filters, which check whether a candlestick pattern signal is confirmed (i.e., a positive signal) or is a fakey signal (i.e., a false signal).

    Apply the candlestick pattern filters to daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes to use signal convergence, which strengthens trade setups.

  • 600+ Fundamental Filters
  • Fundamental filters help traders to screen for stocks by using the quarterly and annual financial statements of a company, including balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements.

    Our screener has 600+ fundamental indicator and financial metric filters to help you find value and growth stocks.

    Apply the fundamental filters to find stocks using a company's most recently reported trailing-twelve-month (TTM), quarterly, and annual financial statements.

  • 40+ Technical Indicator Filters
  • Technical filters are used by traders to predict price direction using past price data. Our screener has 40+ technical filters, including trend, volume, momentum, and volatility filters.

    Apply the technical filters to daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes to use signal convergence, which makes it less likely to trade false signals.

  • 160+ Sector & Industry Filters
  • A sector is a large grouping of companies that share similar business activities, products, etc., such as the technology and healthcare sectors. Use our 10+ sector filters to find trade setups for the stocks you know.

    Industry categorizes a grouping of companies which share related business activities. Our 150+ industry filters help you trade what you know – the stocks within industries you're familiar with.

  • 50+ Price Action Filters
  • Price action is the foundation of all technical analysis. Our screener gives you 50+ price action filters to help you analyze price movements and make entry or exit trade decisions.

    Apply the price action filters to daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes to use signal convergence, which reduces the risk of trading false signals.

  • 20+ Dividend Filters
  • Find value stocks by using our dividend yield, dividend growth rate, and DPS (dividends per share) filters.

    Our dataset contains over 30+ years of financial data, so you can screen for Dividend Champions, which are companies that have increased their annual dividend for at least 25 consecutive years.

  • 7 Asset Class Filters
  • Find the type of stock you want to trade by using our asset class filters for American stocks (common and primary shares), Canadian stocks (common and primary shares), foreign stocks (ADRs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), closed-end funds (CEFs), exchange-traded derivatives (ETDs), and exchange-traded notes (ETNs).

Custom Stock Screeners

If you are screening stocks every day, setting the same filter parameters is a waste of time. Don't repeat yourself, save your filters as a custom screener, or use one of our 30+ preset screeners to speed up your workflow.

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Server-side Watchlist Alerts

Tracking stocks and screening for entry and exit signals requires daily, monotonous work. Create server-side watchlist alerts and we will send you an email notification when your entry or exit rules are met for your stocks.

Level Up with our Stock Market Simulator.

Level up your stock trading skills with a free $50,000 account to practice paper trading stocks in our free stock market simulator game, compete online, and climb the leaderboard!

    Practice Paper Trading
  • Practice risk-free paper trading stocks using real stock market price data.

  • $50,000 Practice Account
  • Get a free $50,000 practice trading account to use in our stock market simulator game. Track your progress and see how much money you can make in the simulator. Reset your starting balance whenever you want.

  • Practice Buy & Sell Stocks
  • Buy (long) and sell (short) stocks with simulated market and limit orders. Practice shorting, or buying, thousands of stocks using real stock market price data.

  • Money Management Rules
  • Practice money management by position sizing, using stop orders, trailing stop orders, take-profit limits, and buy/sell limit orders.

  • Technical Indicator Charts
  • Use our integrated stock charts and graph 30+ technical indicators to analyze thousands of stocks and find the perfect trade setup.

  • Candlestick Pattern Recognition
  • Use our candlestick pattern recognition charts feature to trade price action and automatically identify over 350+ candlestick patterns.

  • Game Leaderboard
  • Compete online against stock traders, climb the stock market simulator game leaderboard, and become a top trader!

Stocksift stock screener

Join a Winning Community!

Join the private and exclusive Stocksift Social, and connect with a community of retail stock traders and investors dedicated to finding top stocks. Silence the noise, shills, bots, and spam, by entering a gated community. Unlock the power of crowd-sourced stock sifting with Stocksift Social.

Stocksift stock screener
    Gated Community
  • Join a private and exclusive group of traders and investors dedicated to finding top stocks.

  • No Bots, Shills, or Psyops
  • Enjoy focused and quality content, without the spam, bots, or agenda pushers. Eliminate the noise, which is distracting you from reaching your true stock trading potential!

  • Share Trade Setups & Ideas
  • Create posts to share trade setups, trade ideas, analysis, and more. Share your ideas and thoughts in a safe community that builds each other up.

  • Connect With Traders
  • Connect with and direct message like-minded retail stock traders and investors.

  • Crowd-sourced Analysis
  • Leverage the crowd to generate trade ideas and analyze financial information. Join Stocksift Social and utilize crowd-sourced stock sifting to find top stocks.

  • Multimedia Upload
  • Upload and create image posts, share embedded videos, articles, and more. Additionally, create text posts, link posts, image posts, and poll posts.

  • Winning Community
  • The Stocksift Social community has one goal and mission, and that is to win. We pride ourselves on winning, unlike other communities, which gaslight their members into believing losing is fun (misery loves company!)

Our 6-Step Stock Trading Methodology.

We believe in simplifying stock trading. Our 6-simple-steps, SATPMP, to stock trading include: Screening, Analysis, Testing, Probability, Monitoring, and Practice. Our proprietary suite of software provides the tools traders need to implement the 6-simple-steps (SATPMP) to stock trading.

Step 1. Screening

The first step is to find top stocks to trade. Our easy-to-use Stock Screener provides a practically infinite number of unique filter combinations to help traders find top stocks. Use our free preset watchlists to quickly sift through automatically generated lists of stocks.

Step 2. Analysis

After you narrow down our large dataset of stocks, to a manageable number by using our screener, then you analyze them individually. We provide Stock Charts and financial charts, which facilitate technical analysis and fundamental analysis. We make fundamental analysis easy with AI Financial Analyst, and we optimize sentiment analysis with News Feed Sentiment.

Step 3. Testing

Once you found and analyzed a stock, that met your search and analysis criteria, then it is a good idea to test your trading system, or strategy, against the stock for profitability and probability odds. We provide Backtesting and Forward Testing tools, which let you test your custom trading system against individual stocks, or groups of stocks, to determine win/loss rate probabilities.

Step 4. Probability

If your backtest or forward test proved a stock to be profitable, while using your trading system, then it is time to look for entry points to place a trade using price action and candlestick patterns. Our candlestick probabilities tool provides historical win/loss rates for 350+ candlestick patterns, which point out the high-probability entry points for traders.

Step 5. Monitoring

Now, it's time to open a position, or place a trade through your broker. Once you open a position, through your broker, you will want to manage your trade and monitor your position by using Watchlist Alerts to notify you, via email, when your exit criteria is met, which will let you know when you should think about closing your position. The purpose of monitoring and managing your positions is to help you keep losses small and wins big.

Step 6. Practice

Lastly, top traders must practice to maintain and improve their skills. We provide a free Stock Market Simulator game, that lets users practice paper trading stocks risk-free. Similar to a professional athlete, traders need to practice in order to beat the competition and market. Imagine this is your free gym membership, where our simulator helps you level up your stock trading skills.

We provide simply powerful, intuitive stock trading tools for retail traders and investors.

Simplify stock trading

The Stocksift Team and Our Mission.

Stocksift was built by traders for traders. Our team of software engineers have many years of professional experience developing software for large Fortune 500 companies in industries such as financial technology (fintech), aerospace, and national defense.

Our mission at Stocksift is to provide retail traders with simply powerful stock trading tools.

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Stocksift Subscription Plans.

Level up your stock trading skills with Stocksift Pro or Stocksift Elite, our premier subscription plans.


Stocksift Pro Plan

Unlock fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis; automate for a simplified trading experience.

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News feed & sentiment analysis

Unlock all stock screener filters

Unlimited active screener filters

Forward test your trading systems

10 automated paper trading systems

200 server-side watchlist alerts

15 years of financial statements

3,000 candles per stock chart

500 simulator positions/orders

100 custom stock screeners

50 custom trading systems

10 stock chart indicators

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Stocksift Elite Plan

Unlock advanced probabilities, predictive analytics, and profitability tools for smarter trading decisions.

Social profile Elite Gold Check

AI analysis of financial statements

AI-generated stock pick predictions

Candlestick pattern probabilities

Backtest your trading systems

Full-history backtest trading systems

20 automated paper trading systems

400 server-side watchlist alerts

30+ years of financial statements

6,000+ candles per stock chart

1,000 simulator positions/orders

200 custom stock screeners

100 custom trading systems

20 stock chart indicators

200 custom backtests

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