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Launched on August 12th, 2022, we began our mission to help traders level up their stock trading skills.

Stocksift is a software as a service (SaaS) product for retail stock traders, providing intuitive stock trading tools that simplify probability, fundamental, and technical analysis.

Simply put, we provide stock trading tools for retail traders and investors.

Our products are built to assist traders with their technical and fundamental analysis and high-probability trading. We provide the ideal aggregation of stock trading tools for retail traders and investors.

Stocksift Pro, our pro-level subscription service, helps investors and traders level up their stock trading skills by making it easy to find and generate trade ideas, automate paper trading and forward testing of trading systems, and monitor stocks via server-side watchlist alerts.

Stocksift Elite, our premier subscription service, is a bundle of software products that provide candlestick pattern probabilities, AI stock picks, and backtesting of trading systems for estimating profitability and probability odds.

We believe stock trading tools should be simply powerful.

By keeping it simple, our trading tools are powerful and easy-to-use. Traders of various backgrounds and skill levels are able to quickly use our tools, without a steep learning curve. Retail traders shouldn't have to learn to code or program their own tools to get a trading edge. Trading is tough enough, keep it simple by using Stocksift so that you can focus on trading.

Separate your concerns and keep it simple. We keep it simple and deliver tools for winners. Intuitive and powerful tools is the winning software suite we provide.


– Stocksift Team

Our Software Suite

Stock Screener

Find top stocks to trade. Screen over 9,500+ stocks using a practically infinite number of filter combinations.

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Stock Market Game

Practice paper trading stocks in our stock market simulator game that uses real stock price data and track your gains.

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Stock Charts

Use our stock charts to automatically identify candlestick patterns and graph technical indicators.

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A private community of stock traders and investors. Join an exclusive group dedicated to finding top stocks.

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Create custom lists of stocks to watch, benchmark performance, and use our free diversification analysis tool.

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Watchlist Alerts

Automate with server-side alerts. Monitor your entry or exit criteria for a stock and receive email notifications.

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Forward Testing

Forward test trading systems. Automate paper trading a strategy against current data before trading it for real.

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News Feed Sentiment

News feeds for thousands of stocks. Get sentiment analysis scores next to each article and overall sentiment scores.

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AI Financial Analyst

Use AI to analyze financial statements. Leverage ChatGPT to quickly analyze financial data and get key findings.

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AI Stock Trader

AI-generated stock trade setups. Get email alerts for stock trades our AI picks and track it's performance.

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Candlestick Probability

Candlestick pattern probability analysis. View the historical win rate probabilities for 360+ candlestick patterns per stock.

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Test trading systems for profitability. Backtest a strategy against historical data before trading it in the stock market.

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Our Core Values

Be Community Centric

Keep people first and listen to feedback from the Stocksift community to improve the platform.

Be Inclusive and Diverse

Include all people and encourage contrarian thinking to let different voices be heard.

Be Transparent and Open

Communicate company updates openly and honestly with the Stocksift community.

Be Passionate

We are passionate about what we do. More than just developers, we are traders and investors.

Be Collaborative

Collaborate and work together as a team. Avoid knowledge islands and silos.

Be Champions

We nurture champion mindsets and build others up with positivity and optimism.

Dream big, trade smart: empowering retail stock traders and investors.


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