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Sentiment analysis made easy! Access news feeds with sentiment analysis scores to help you trade smarter.

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News Feed Sentiment Key Features

News Feeds

Browse news feeds for thousands of stocks from dozens of trusted news sources.

Article Sentiment

Each news article is given a sentiment score, indicating bullish, bearish, neutral, etc.

Overall Sentiment

Quickly analyze the overall sentiment for a stock by viewing its overall sentiment score.

Sentiment Analysis Charts

Visualize the news feed sentiment score data using simple pie chart and bar charts.

News Source Filters

Filter the news feed for a stock by selecting the trusted news sources you prefer.

Sentiment Filters

Filter the articles in a news feed by selecting sentiment scores; e.g., bullish, bearish, etc.

Quickly analyze news feeds

News Feed Sentiment Key Takeaways

  • Aggregated news feeds for thousands of stocks.

  • Sentiment scores on a per news article basis.

  • Overall sentiment scores for quick analysis.

  • Visualize the sentiment score data with charts.

  • Filter news feeds by trusted news sources.

  • Filter news feeds by sentiment scores.

Simplify sentiment analysis

What is News Feed Sentiment?

Our news feeds are collections of articles about a stock, sourced from trusted publishers, and are categorized by their sentiment score.

Each article indicates a sentiment score of either bullish, somewhat-bullish, bearish, somewhat-bearish, or neutral. Aside from individual sentiment scores, we calculate an overall sentiment score, which makes sentiment analysis for a stock simple and efficient.

With our News Feed Sentiment, traders are able to quickly estimate the general sentiment of a stock by aggregating the sentiment from reputable news sources, enabling them to trade smarter.

News Feed Sentiment
News Feed Sentiment Analysis Charts

Trade Smart with Sentiment Analysis

Quickly and easily estimate the overall sentiment for a stock by visualizing the sentiment data in pie and bar charts. Search thousands of stocks and get the sentiment scores per stock.

Unlike other sentiment analysis platforms, that rely on social media sentiment data, which is mostly noise, spam, trolls, and bots, we get our sentiment data from top-tier, trusted news sources.

When you analyze spam, bots, shills, trolls, you analyze junk data, which is not trustworthy or actionable data. Instead, feed your sentiment analysis with data from professional news sources.

News Feed Sentiment FAQ

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