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Level up your stock trading skills with a free $50,000 account to practice paper trading stocks in our free stock market simulator game, compete online, and climb the leaderboard!

Practice trading stocks

Simulator Key Features

Paper Trading

Practice risk-free paper trading stocks using real stock market price data.

$50,000 Practice Account

Get a free $50,000 practice trading account to use in our stock market simulator game.

Buy & Sell Stocks

Buy (long) and sell (short) stocks with simulated market and limit orders.

Money Management

Practice money management by using take-profit limits, stop and trailing stop orders.

Technical Indicators

Use our integrated stock charts and technical indicators to analyze stocks.

Candlestick Patterns

Use our integrated candlestick pattern recognition feature to trade price action.

Game Leaderboard

Compete globally, climb the ranks, and become a top trader on our leaderboard.

Performance Metrics

Track your trading progress using our free performance metrics dashboard.

Top Trader Trade Logs

View player trade logs to gain insights into which stocks the top traders pick.

Get a $50,000 practice account

Simulator Key Takeaways

  • Practice paper trading stocks.

  • Level up your stock trading skills.

  • Simulate trading the real stock market.

  • Compete online, climb the leaderboard.

  • Get a free $50,000 practice account.

  • Use take profits, stop losses, etc.

Start today – it's free!

What is a Stock Market Simulator?

Our stock market simulator is a game that lets traders practice trading stocks without risking real money. Our simulator uses a concept known as paper trading, which allows traders to enter and exit stock trades in a simulated environment that uses real stock market data.

Traders that are new, or experienced, benefit from practice. Similar to a professional sport, the pros still need to practice to keep their skills sharp. The Stocksift simulator helps traders level up their stock trading skills through paper trading.

Once a trader is consistently profitable for at least 6 months using a paper trading practice simulator, then they are more likely to be a successful trader in the real stock market.

Stocksift stock market simulator game
Stock market simulator order types

Risk-Free Simulated Stock Trading

Practice trading stocks in our risk-free stock market simulator game. Our simulator lets traders place a variety of order types, including: market order (buy/sell), limit order (buy/sell), take profit order, stop order, and trailing stop order. Use our order types, such as stop orders, to practice money management and risk management.

All Stocksift users get a free $50,000 practice trading account to use in our simulator. Place trades and have them fulfilled daily, after the real stock market closes, since our simulator is powered by real stock price data. If your practice account loses too much value, feel free to reset your simulator account balance to start over.

A stock market simulator that lets traders practice trading stocks for free is a vital tool that any serious trader needs. Enjoy the process and dare to be a top trader. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Simulator FAQ

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