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Stay ahead of the market moves! Get server-side watchlist alerts that keep you informed, anytime, anywhere.

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Watchlist Alerts Key Features

Alert Types

Create watchlist alerts using price action, candlestick patterns, technical indicators, dividends, and fundamental alert types.

2,000+ Filter Rules

Unlock all of our filter rules and automate your trade management and monitoring with thousands of filter rules.

Email Notifications

Receive an email notification when one or more of your watchlist alerts are triggered by one of your filter rules.

Alerts Dashboard

Manage your watchlist alerts in a single location by using our watchlist alerts table to manage your alerts.

Entry & Exit Rules

Create watchlist alerts to monitor stocks based on your entry and exit rules that meet your trading system criteria.

Asset Classes

Monitor any of our asset classes, including: domestic stocks, Canadian stocks, foreign stocks (ADRs), ETFs, and more.

Monitor your positions

Watchlist Alerts Key Takeaways

  • Create server-side watchlist alerts.

  • Automate trade management with alerts.

  • Monitor stocks for entry and exit conditions.

  • Create alerts from thousands of filters.

  • Manage up to 400 watchlist alerts.

  • Receive email alert notifications.

Get Watchlist Alerts

What are Watchlist Alerts?

Watchlist alerts are notifications that are triggered when a specific event occurs related to a stock that has been added to a watchlist. A watchlist is a list of stocks that a trader or investor wants to monitor.

For example, if a stock trader adds a certain stock to their watchlist, they can create a watchlist alert to receive an email notification when the stock closes above or below a target price.

Our watchlist alerts are delivered via email at the end-of-day, or after the market closes for the day. Swing traders and investors use our alerts to assist with their trade management and monitoring.

Stocksift watchlist alerts
Stocksift watchlist alerts

Watchlist Alert Filter Rules

Create watchlist alerts choosing from thousands of filter rules, grouped by alert type, including: price action, candlestick patterns, technical indicators, dividends, and fundamental alert types.

    50+ Price Action Filter Rules
  • Choose from 50+ price action filter rules. Monitor stocks for price, performance, and trend changes.

    Use price action rules to manage trade positions. Receive an email alert notification when your trading system's price action exit rules are met.

  • 350+ Candlestick Pattern Filter Rules
  • Choose from 350+ Japanese candlestick pattern filters. With so many candlestick patterns out there, manually scanning for these patterns takes a lot of your time. Automate pattern finding for stocks with our candlestick pattern filter rules.

    Use our candlestick patterns to receive email alert notifications for confirmed patterns (positive signals) and fakey patterns (false signals).

  • 40+ Technical Indicator Filter Rules
  • Choose from 40+ technical filter rules, including trend, volume, momentum, and volatility rules.

    Our technical indicator filter rules allow traders to automate trade management and monitoring of technical entry and exit conditions.

  • 20+ Dividend Filter Rules
  • Use our dividend filter rules to receive email alert notifications..

    Monitor stocks for changes in their dividend yield, dividend growth rate, and more.

  • 600+ Fundamental Filter Rules
  • Choose from 600+ fundamental filter rules and automate the monitoring of the financials for stocks you are holding or interesting in trading.

    Create watchlist alerts to notify you when the financial metrics of a company change.

Watchlist Alerts FAQ

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